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The Fortune Keeper

The thrilling third title in author Deborah Swift's Renaissance Series

The Fortune Keeper

Count your nights by stars, not shadows ~ Italian Proverb

Join me in celebrating author Deborah Swift’s fabulous Renaissance Series, one of my all-time favorite historical sagas. Read on to learn more about The Fortune Keeper, book 3 in the series and the winner of the Coffee Pot Book Club’s 2023 Book of the Year award.

Winter in Renaissance Venice

Mia Caiozzi is determined to discover her destiny by studying the science of astronomy. But her stepmother Giulia forbids her to engage in this occupation, fearing it will lead her into danger. The ideas of Galileo are banned by the Inquisition, so Mia must study in secret.

Giulia’s real name is Giulia Tofana, renowned for her poison Aqua Tofana, and she is in hiding from the Duke de Verdi’s family who are intent on revenge for the death of their brother. Giulia insists Mia should live quietly out of public view. If not, it could threaten them all. But Mia doesn’t understand this, and rebels against Giulia, determined to go her own way.

When the two secret lives collide, it has far-reaching and fatal consequences that will change Mia’s life forever.

Set amongst opulent palazzos and shimmering canals, The Fortune Keeper is the third novel of adventure and romance based on the life and legend of Giulia Tofana, the famous poisoner.

‘Her characters are so real they linger in the mind long after the book is back on the shelf’

~ Historical Novel Society

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About the author:

Deborah Swift is a USA TODAY bestselling author who is passionate about the past. Deborah used to be a costume designer for the BBC, before becoming a writer. Now she lives in an old English school house in a village full of 17th Century houses, near the glorious Lake District. Deborah has an award-winning historical fiction blog at her website

Deborah loves to write about how extraordinary events in history have transformed the lives of ordinary people, and how the events of the past can live on in her books and still resonate today. 

The first in her series about the Renaissance poisoner Giulia Tofana, The Poison Keeper, was a winner of the Wishing Shelf Book of the Decade, and a Coffee Pot Book Club Gold Medal, and the latest in her WW2 Secret Agent series, Operation Tulip, is coming soon.

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  1. Cathie Dunn says:

    Thank you for featuring Deborah Swift on your lovely blog today, Amy.

    Take care,
    Cathie xo
    The Coffee Pot Book Club

  2. Amy Maroney says:

    Always a pleasure, Cathie!

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