Author Chris Brookes is fueled by a passion for the arts

I met British mystery author Chris Brookes in a Facebook author group. Chris impressed me with his positive outlook and his creative approach to marketing and promotion. When I learned about his mystery trilogy, the Entanglement Series, I knew this author was a kindred spirit. Like me, Chris is captivated by history. The bit of […]

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The Girl from Oto Book Club Discussion Questions

I’ve been lucky enough to have several book clubs read The Girl from Oto, and I have also had the pleasure at speaking at a few of their gatherings. Recently I was asked to create a list of discussion questions for the book. It’s been fun to develop the questions, mainly because I got to revisit the […]

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French photographer Tristan Pereira captures Pyrenees magic

When I came across French photographer Tristan Pereira’s series, “Refuges” —photographs of mountain cabins in the Pyrenees—I was astounded to find that a modern-day artist had captured the world I had created in The Girl from Oto. In his images, ancient stone dwellings were tucked into wildflower-strewn hillsides or nestled under blankets of snow. Icy streams […]

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My global IngramSpark bookstore and library juggernaut

The Girl from Oto‘s Ingram Spark edition hits the streets Will these milestones ever quit? I don’t know, I think they’re starting to snowball. After months of waffling followed by months of bewildered stumbling in the dark, I finally have an Ingram Spark version of The Girl from Oto. Yes, it was a long and frustrating […]

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The Camino de Santiago through an artist’s eyes

The pilgrim’s route of Camino de Santiago figures large in my novel The Girl from Oto. I’m always on the lookout for art that conveys the magic and beauty of the mountains, rolling farmlands, and rugged coastlines along the route. When I got my hands on artist Kari Gale’s book The Art of Walking, an Illustrated Journey on […]

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how I got my first 1,000 readers

During the 4 years I spent researching, writing, and rewriting The Girl from Oto, I underwent a transformation. Attracting 1,000 readers was not part of my plan in the beginning. All I wanted was to write the story that had taken hold of my imagination and would not leave me alone. I loved immersing myself in research […]

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