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How to Dress Like a Tudor

Author Judith Arnopp's new book reveals all about Tudor fashion

I’m thrilled to welcome author Judith Arnopp back to the blog today in honor of her new nonfiction book, How to Dress Like a Tudor. I first got to know Judith through her excellent novels about Henry VIII and other stars of the Tudor era. But I was delighted to learn that Judith’s interest in all things Tudor is not limited to writing. She’s a founding member of a Tudor reenactor group, and uses her considerable creative skills to sew historically accurate Tudor clothing for herself and others in the group.

Read on to learn more about Judith and her exciting new book.

How to Dress Like a Tudor

Have you ever hankered to dress like a Tudor lord or lady, or perhaps you prefer the status of goodwife, or costermonger, or even a bawd?

For beginner historical reenactors, the path to authenticity can be bewildering and sometimes intimidating. Judith Arnopp uses her own experience, both as a historian and a medieval/Tudor lady, to make your own journey a little easier.

The author traces the transition of fashion from the relatively subtle styles popular at the court of Henry VII, through the carefully constructed royal grandeur of Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Mary I to the pinnacle of majesty and splendid iconography of Elizabeth I.

In contrast to the magnificence of court come the ordinary folk who, subject to sumptuary laws and regulations, wore garments of a simpler cut and cloth – a strata of society that formed the back bone of Tudor England.

This brief history of 16th century fashion examines clothing for both rich and poor, adult and child, and offers tips and tricks on how to begin to sew your first historically inspired garment, this book is aimed at helping the beginner learn How to Dress like a Tudor.

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About the author:

Judith writes historical fiction set during the late medieval and Tudor period. Her usual focus is on the women who lived close to the monarch, women like Margaret Beaufort, Elizabeth of York and Mary Tudor but more recently has been writing from the perspective of Henry VIII himself. Her books are on Kindle, Audible and Paperback.

You can find her fiction books here:

She also writes non-fiction, her work featuring in many anthologies and online magazines. Her latest non-fiction, How to Dress like a Tudor, published by Pen & Sword Books, is available now.

Judith is a founder member of a reenactment group, The Fyne Company of Cambria, and began making Tudor costumes for herself, her husband, John, and other members of the group. It was this that inspired How to Dress like a Tudor and she hopes to write more non-fiction Tudor history in the future.

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  1. Cathie Dunn says:

    Thank you for hosting Judith Arnopp today.

    Take care,
    Cathie xo
    The Coffee Pot Book Club

  2. Amy Maroney says:

    Always a pleasure, Cathie!

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