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It’s launch day for The Queen’s Scribe!

my new novel shines a light on a forgotten, courageous queen

Launch day for The Queen’s Scribe

I’m thrilled to share the news that my latest novel, The Queen’s Scribe, launches today. Three years ago, I started researching and writing the Sea and Stone Chronicles, a series of stand-alone novels that feature strong, talented medieval women making their way in a man’s world. At the time, I imagined the novels would all take place on the Greek island of Rhodes, where I’d spent several weeks a decade ago, completely entranced by the layers of history and beauty I confronted there.

I was mostly right. The first two novels in the collection, Island of Gold and Sea of Shadows, are set on and around Rhodes. But The Queen’s Scribe took me on a wild and unexpected path to Cyprus, a place I’ve never visited.

The allure of history

While doing research for the first two novels, I learned that in 1458, a fifteen-year-old, widowed queen named Charlotta ascended the throne of the Kingdom of Cyprus. Two years later, she moved her supporters into the seaside fortress of Kyrenia, where they withstood a siege by her power-hungry half-brother, Jacco. When her second husband Louis of Savoy proved a weak leader, Queen Charlotta voyaged without him across the Mediterranean, entreating allies to help save her crown.

Like so many other women of the past, Queen Charlotta was lost in the shadows of history. With The Queen’s Scribe, I hope to bring the astonishing story of this courageous queen back to life.

The Queen’s Scribe

A broken promise. A bitter conflict. And a woman’s elusive chance to love or die.

1458. Young Frenchwoman Estelle de Montavon sails to Cyprus imagining a bright future as tutor to a princess. Instead, she is betrayed by those she loves most—and forced into a dangerous new world of scheming courtiers, vicious power struggles, and the terrifying threat of war.

Determined to flee, Estelle enlists the help of an attractive and mysterious falconer. But on the eve of her escape, fortune’s wheel turns again. She gains entry to Queen Charlotta’s inner circle as a trusted scribe and interpreter, fighting her way to dizzying heights of influence.

Enemies old and new rise from the shadows as Estelle navigates a royal game of cat and mouse between the queen and her powerful half-brother, who wants the throne for himself.

When war comes to the island, she faces a brutal reckoning for her loyalty to the queen. Will the impossible choice looming ahead be Estelle’s doom—or her salvation?

Where to find The Queen’s Scribe

The Queen’s Scribe is available in ebook, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. It’s also available at your favorite bookstore and library branch. Just ask your bookseller or librarian to order a copy. An audiobook version is coming soon, too.

Praise for the Sea and Stone Chronicles

Island of Gold is a nimbly told story with impeccable pacing.”

~ Historical Novel Society, Editor’s Choice Review

Sea of Shadows is stunning. A compelling tale of love, honor, and conviction.”

~ Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Review

The Queen’s Scribe is a fantastic read, and as a lover of accurate historical romance, I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

~ Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Review

Want to learn more?

I’ll be visiting dozens of blogs from May 1-12 with the Coffee Pot Book Club Blog Tour, talking about the research behind the book, my writing process, and more. There’ll be several excerpts published during the tour, as well as reviews.


  1. Julie Cassin says:

    Congratulations on yet another impeccably reasearched and beautifully written book!

    1. Amy Maroney says:

      Ah thanks so much, my dear friend!

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