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Celebrating the Pendragon’s Banner Trilogy

Award-winning author Helen Hollick's Arthurian trilogy launched thirty years ago this month

The Pendragon’s Banner Trilogy

Please join me as I honor the 30th anniversary of author Helen Hollick’s acclaimed Arthurian Pendragon’s Banner Trilogy. It also happens to be Helen’s 70th birthday today, so there’s a lot to celebrate! 

Helen is a dear friend and mentor who has worked tirelessly to advocate for great historical fiction (both traditionally published and independent) while at the same time producing an incredible array of excellent novels herself. When I published my first book, Helen was a shining star of support and encouragement, and she remains so. It’s with a full heart and much admiration that I share Helen’s special day with you.

The books we’re celebrating on this auspicious date—The Kingmaking, Pendragon’s Banner, and Shadow of the King—tell the story of King Arthur as it might have really happened. 

In Helen’s words, the trilogy “is the tale of Arthur made flesh and bone. Of the shaping of the man who became the legendary king; a man with dreams, ambitions, and human flaws. A man, a warlord, who united the collapsing province of post-Roman Britain, who held the heart of the love of his life, Gwenhwyfar—and who emerged as the most enduring hero of all time.”

Discover this compelling, richly drawn saga for yourself, and learn why Bernard Cornwell says, “Helen Hollick has it all!”

I couldn’t agree more, Bernard.

Happy Birthday, Helen! I wish you many happy returns, and many more books to satisfy all of your fans. (I, for one, am particularly partial to your Sea Witch Voyages series. Pirates, swashbuckling, romance, and a dash of the paranormal. Delightful!) To follow along on the Coffee Pot Book Club blog tour for the Pendragon’s Banner trilogy, click here.

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Find Helen on Twitter: @HelenHollick

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