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Psst…check out my interview on the Writer Mom Life podcast!

Being a podcast guest gets exposure for your books

Tooting your own horn is a requirement in the indie author world. That’s why I’m thrilled to share this interview I did with podcaster and author Daphne James Huff on The Writer Mom Life podcast. The episode aired this weekend, and the interview focuses on my slow approach to self-publishing (instead of publishing 5 books a year, I’m starting off with 1 book every other year), my background in nonfiction writing and editing, and my focus on “the long game” — including audacious 5- and 10-year financial goals.

Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash

Daphne launched her podcast after noticing that while there are many podcasts for independent authors, most of the dominant voices belong to men—and few podcasts are targeted to women who are also mothers. Instead of complaining about it, Daphne decided to fix the problem herself by creating her own podcast. Daphne and her husband have a preschooler, plus she works full-time in a job she loves. Still, she’s managed to publish a Dystopian young adult novel and two historical novellas (check out her Amazon page here.)

In addition to showcasing an interview with a writer in each bi-weekly episode, Daphne offers writing tips and techniques from veteran author JR Frontera. A show that focuses on inspiring, encouraging, and mentoring women writers who are also moms is a welcome addition to the podcast space, and I wish Daphne and JR all the best in this new venture. I look forward to many more great podcast episodes from The Writer Mom Life!

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