The journey begins

How does a novel grow from an idea into a book on a shelf? Not the way it used to, that’s for sure. Independent authors have changed the landscape of publishing forever. Whether you think it’s a good thing or not, it’s the new reality for writers. As a longtime nonfiction writer and editor now writing my first novel, I’ve decided to document my journey through the stormy world of publishing. This blog will share the lessons I’ve learned and the choices I’ve made along the way. I hope it proves useful for other writers as well. Here we go…

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Amy Maroney

I'm a writer living in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and daughters. It took 4 years to write and publish my first novel, The Girl from Oto. Before that I was a writer and editor of nonfiction. This blog charts my progress as an independent author navigating the fog-shrouded switchbacks of "authorpreneurship." Come along for the ride...I hope what I've learned along the way can help you, too!

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