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I joined the Alliance for Independent Authors (ALLi) a few weeks ago. Based in the UK, the nonprofit group calls itself an “association of the world’s best self-publishing authors and advisors.” Check out their blog for more information.

I downloaded their report on choosing a self-publishing service (which is free to members) and will be using it as a guide to navigate the ever-changing landscape of publishing.

One of the intriguing terms in the report is “authorpreneur.” ALLi sees successful independent authors as having an entrepreneurial streak. It takes independent thinking, a tolerance for risk, and the ability to wear many hats to succeed at this game. It’s an incredibly exciting time to jump in—there are myriad ways to get your work to readers. The trick is finding the right players to work with, because as with any rapidly changing industry there are sharks circling who aim to scam, con, or scare money out of clueless newbies like me. So I will be doing a lot of research before spending any cash on publishing services for my novel.

ALLi sponsors meet-ups in the UK for members, but there are no U.S. based meetings—yet. I reached out to another ALLi member in the Pacific Northwest and will keep trolling around for more. Hopefully we can create our own meetups eventually.

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Amy Maroney

I'm a writer living in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and daughters. It took 4 years to write and publish my first novel, The Girl from Oto. Before that I was a writer and editor of nonfiction. This blog charts my progress as an independent author navigating the fog-shrouded switchbacks of "authorpreneurship." Come along for the ride...I hope what I've learned along the way can help you, too!

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