The Girl From Oto

The Girl From Oto
18.99 print; 4.99 e-book
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Artelan Press
Publication Year: 2016
Length: novel
ISBN: 9780997521306
The Girl from Oto is that rare thing: a novel of both ideas and action. This dazzling historical mystery will transport you from the great cities of Europe to the rugged Pyrenees mountains, deftly weaving together the story of Mira, a girl who becomes an artist in the 16th century, and Zari, the modern art historian who tries to discover her secret. As Zari’s quest becomes an obsession, you'll be pulled into Mira’s Renaissance-era world, a place where women had few choices and survival depended on luck, wits, and courage. If you are a fan of historical fiction, art, intrigue and romance, you will love this mesmerizing novel.
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About the Book

Every painting tells a story. The trick is in unlocking its secrets…

In The Girl from Oto, a young American scholar navigates a foreign world, experiencing friendship, betrayal and love as she chases the ghost of a Renaissance-era artist through Europe.

2015: When art historian Zari Durrell scores a coveted position in Scotland researching the life and work of artist Cornelia van der Zee, she decodes clues hidden in two 16th-century portraits. Originally attributed to Van der Zee, the paintings contain traces of another artist entirely: a mysterious young woman named Mira. Risking both her professional reputation and safety, Zari tracks Mira along the pilgrim’s route of Camino de Santiago in the rugged Pyrenees mountains—and plunges deep into the past.

1500: Mira’s own harrowing tale unfolds as Zari’s quest to uncover the truth intensifies. Born during a time wracked by war, plague, and shifting political boundaries, Mira grows up in a Pyrenees convent believing she is an orphan, unaware of the dark secret in her past. Inexplicably, she is singled out to receive an education normally reserved for men, including training in the arts. But when her peaceful existence is shattered, Mira must brave the world beyond the convent’s gates to learn the devastating story of her origins—and find the strength to face those who would destroy her.



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